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Kei's Gift (2010)

by Ann Somerville(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 2
Ann Somerville
Darshian Tales
review 1: 3.8 starsFINALLY FINISHED! first of all extremely well written, Ann Somerville is one talented writer. this book is one of the most detailed I've ever read. every moment was worded with precision and brought to life on each and every page for the reader to behold. every scene was crafted like the finest art piece, skills such as this are lacking in writers these days. despite the less-than enjoyable erotica scenes this book kept me engaged and entertained non the less. 5star plot, thought drawn out bitterly at the end.
review 2: I couldn’t finish this book. I kept trying too but even though I’m 86% the way through, I just can’t read it any more, I’m bored!! I had to write this review because I needed an outlet. I really wanted to love this book, as it w
... moreas a book filled with fantasy and romance of two worlds that capture me and remind me of Rome and Egypt. And until about 50% of the way through I loved it, and that great considering this book is over 700 pages. However the one point I will make about this book that although it is long, it is readable and then it wasn’t, and I got stuck in a rut with the book where I just couldn’t hear the main character moaning about himself any more. But I will finish this negative review (and for that I’m sorry) with the fact that I love the concept of the two worlds trying to find peace in one another, which in turn creates a rich tale that makes the reader laugh and sometime even want to cry. less
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This book was a marathon........but i loved every step of it!
Will read this despite the strange cover with severed hands.
LBGT Fantasy/Sci-fi Group's PIFM book July 2014
To re-read the entire series.
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