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The Most Precious Memory (2000)

by Beth Revis(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This is such an interesting concept. It was like the movie "Inception" only with memories. It some-what reminded me of a sci-fi version of Harry Chapin's "Cats In The Cradle" in a way, you know how the son in the song keeps asking the dad to spend time with him but he's always too busy for him, then when the son grows up he asks him to do something and the son pretty much says the same thing to him and that's when he realizes the son grew up to be just like him? Yeah, this was just as sad as that.
review 2: Short & very interesting!! :D A guy named Devon has eaten up all of his memories of his life & one night, a man named Thomas sells him the 'most precious memory' & Devon can hardly wait to eat it - he starts to eat it only to find that Thomas is his brother
... more& he was once called James & that he'd had a girlfriend with fiery red hair & had broken up with & left for college - & after Thomas tracked him down & that night, Devon/James realizes who he is & instead of eating the memory, he tries to hold on to it & then when it's over, Thomas wakes up, not knowing who he is & how he got to the extraction hall & James knows everything that's happened - and there was just a sense of deja vu - and that's it !! less
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well this is certainly something different. i like the way it thinks outside of the invisible box.
Interesting concept. I missed reading something from Beth Revis.
this was sad. i enjoyde it, but sad :(
Was really touching and I loved it.
Review coming soon!
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