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Dar And Gregg (2006)

by Bobby Michaels(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
159632287X (ISBN13: 9781596322875)
Loose Id
Jock Dorm
review 1: this book doesn't have much in a way of a story....nut there is a lot of sex and not just your normal m/m sex but they both seem to have a huge smelling fetish..... most of it was great to read but a couple of times i did get a little grossed out... I mean ass sniffing.. All the books I 've read have had ass play but to talk about in detail about how great it smells ...to much ....Pretty long.. longer then I thought it needed to be due to no real story.. but don't read book 2 it's basically the same story just change the MC.
review 2: This was going great up until about 48% when it turned into a PBS special.I liked all the openness that existed between Gregg and Dar. Sex, on the most primary level, occurs between bodies. This couple was all-embracing of their b
... moreodies...the smells and emissions etc. I wasn't grossed out. I think it's incredibly brave and a mark of true intimacy to allow oneself to be this open and this accepting and this sexual. It's ideal to be able to drop the mask and hesitation and self consciousness.What turned me off was the damn preaching. This became so didactic. And part and parcel with such, the dialogue and exposition became really stiff. Preachiness plus some Calmes-esque Pleasantville-ness and we have a DNF at 50%. less
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After school special and Disney meet jock erotica. Found this way too amusing.
Not really my cup of tea, but interesting nevertheless.
you will want to sleep with a jock after reading this
3.5 but I'll round it up to 4 Stars!*Review Soon*
Will review later
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