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A Dance Of Blades (2011)

by David Dalglish(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I liked the second book in the series much more than the first book. DoB focuses a lot more on some of the characters not really fleshed out in the first, in particular we see a much stronger Watcher as Thren was only marginally exposed. There are some underlying modern/political/ethical themes also running throughout the text such as the introduction of Ghost.I am not sure what to think of a character called Deathmask. Without more knowledge of how magic works in the series or the significance of robes, I am not sure how I should approach the yellow mage either. There is a lot of mystery surrounding that particular appearance of mercenary company.My feeling after reading the first book and now this one is that Dalglish writes in a manner that is very cinematic. I ima... moregine this series being watched on something like Hulu or Netflix as a response to the Game of Thrones on HBO: LOTS of action and lots of flashy action/magic at that.I look forward to reading the third one.The fact I bought this e-book the day after I read the first book, and then between my busy research/teaching schedule finished should also explain why I rated this a 4 star over the 3 star of the first one.
review 2: started this series to fill my need for assassins after the awesomeness of Brent Weeks' Night Angels trilogy. however i almost wanted to abandon this series because i was struggling to crawl through the first half of book #1: Dance of Cloaks. it got better towards the end and when i finished Cloaks, i was debating whether to continue with Blades but my obsessive need for closure had me picking up this one. i am totally glad i did because this second book is FAR BETTER than the first one — well-paced, interesting, and it kept me quite eager to read on. the characters which i found interesting received plenty more action (which were short enough so i didnt get bored) and the pacing of the plot was great. starting on the third book now which i hope will be even better! less
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Really good especially if you enjoyed the first one, had to read the next in the series immediately
Fast paced, but lightweight. On to the third in the series.
a fine follow-up. Death abounds with reckless abandon!
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