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The Star Dwellers (2012)

by David Estes(Favorite Author)
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David Estes
The Dwellers
review 1: The Star Dwellers by David EstesNot long after rescuing her father and her sister, Adele is now heading to the star country in hopes that she will be able to rescue her mother. However, getting there won't be easy for either her or her best friend. Meanwhile Tristan does his best to convince the moon dwellers that they shouldn't be siding with the Sun Dwellers and instead she be siding with the Star Dwellers.I liked this novel a lot. I still didn't like it as much as the country dwellers novels, but it was still good. I love Elsey. She is so cute and sweet and she is the type of character that I often like. I still wasn't as big of a fan of Adele even though I'm not really sure why. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I've read lots of books with characters like her. She... more isn't all that different from Sadie and Skye really either. I really liked the ending of this book. Yes, it is sad but it is also powerful. It made me want to read the next book in the series right away.Overall I would give this book four out of five.
review 2: There is friendship, there is love, there are surprises at every turn, there is action, there is death, yes death...weeping...:`-(This book, series, is great. The storyline is amazing, people are trying to fight for the freedom of the dwellers from evil President Nailin, even though some do not want to join in the fight. The characters are amazing, even the new ones that have been added. My favorites are Tristan, he is such a "boy" but is very smart and does what he has to do to help. Roc, Tristan's best friend, he is so humorous, which adds a little lightness to the tragic situation they are all in. Adele, I wasn't sure I liked her much in the first book, but I have grown to like her very much in this book, she has been through so much and will continue to go through more. She is a very strong young woman.I know there will be more twists, turns, action, fighting, suspense and all around goodness in the next book, so I am off to begin reading it. :) less
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Very exciting! Alot of twists and page turning excitement. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!
I was totally shocked At the ending, kept me wanting to read on to the next book.
review coming soon
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