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Information Is Beautiful. David McCandless (2012)

by David McCandless(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 3
0007492898 (ISBN13: 9780007492893)
Collins Publishers
review 1: So, this book was an intriguing one because I wasn't entirely sure what it was all about to begin with but as I continued reading it I discovered that it is essentially just a book about verious, random facts and these facts and figures and speculative ideas are all displayed in clear, clean cut graphic design works. The images are very vibrant and clean cut, stylish and minimalist. I found the book to be interesting and inspiring in some areas too. I especially liked the pages about the books everyone should read as this really rings true with me, and what I enjoy, but there is something about almost everything inside the book! Definitely worth a read for anyone curious about information of who admires the clean cut graphic quality of the book and various formats of displ... moreaying the information.
review 2: Super cool! This book, and its extensive and diverse array of graphics, makes statistics exciting. Even sexy. So rare!! It’s a coffee table classic, a magnum opus for Post-Modernity with its penchant for blending the random with the relevant. Author David McCandless shows the way forward for those who wish to communicate data in a way that is visual, immediate and highly-emotive. This is a great book!!! SIMON less
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Sehr informativ, graphisch klasse!Eignet sich hervorragend zum Immer-mal-wieder-reinstöbern.
Beautiful visualisations. Often of pointless information, though.
A perfect read for information junkies.
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