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Devoured (2010)

by D.E. Meredith(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
031255768X (ISBN13: 9780312557683)
Minotaur Books
Hatton and Roumande Mystery
review 1: I did really enjoy this. OK so it wasn't exactly a 'whodunnit' (although there were enough loose ends to keep you interested to the end)and characterisation was a little sketchy - I still have only the vaguest mental picture of the two forensic experts who are the heroes of this series - but it was a good read for a long coach journey back from London and it was an entertaining - if gory - 24 hours of escapism.
review 2: I really liked this book, and look forward to others by this author. I loved the new forensics, and new discoveries. It has a theme that deals with young girls, and deadly secrets, and scientific beliefs that not all embrace. All these things can be dangerous, combined they are deadly. I really liked all the characters, and the plot. It shows h
... moreow the rich paid, for police to look the other way, and even charge innocent people for their crimes. It was gritty, and real, and showed the part of England not everyone wants to think about. This was before the Jack the Ripper crimes. These murders in their way, are just as gruesome. This is not fluff, or regency romance..this is disease, blood, and death...written at it's best...not for everyone..... less
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I don't like this and decided to stop torturing myself with it.
Terrific read!! A real page turner in the gothic tradition.
Interesting mix of mystery, forensics and evolution.
Fast paced senisitive
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