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Painless (2009)

by Derek Ciccone(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 1
160844094X (ISBN13: 9781608440948)
Dog Ear Publishing
review 1: There are conspiracies and thrills abound in this engrossing novel about a little known condition whereby those affected cannot feel pain. Trying to protect a little girl who doesn’t understand what’s not funny about biting off her own tongue ‘playing vampires’ while she is mercilessly hunted by an army of experimental mercenaries, the perfect soldiers and assassins, who also cannot feel pain, the protagonists struggle to work out who is friend and foe in a fast paced narrative.
review 2: So far this book is AMAZING. And I know I'm not the "top-notch" book reviewer person, but this is a great book. It's basically about a man, who is struggling with his relationships and begins to bond with a girl, Carolyn, who has CIPA, which means she can't feel any pa
... morein. A government facility, Operation Anesthesia (I think) uses people with CIPA in the military, since they will continue on even if they got shot and such. They eventually come for Carolyn...but that's all I read so far. I'll keep you updated!! less
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Only worth reading if there's nothing else around and you're desperate.
There were parts that was difficult to follow. The prologue I did like
slow at first, but gets more interesting as it starts to pick up..
Was an amazing book. Very heart reaching.
Surprisingly good.
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