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Osiris Ritual (2012)

by George Mann(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
3492702597 (ISBN13: 9783492702591)
Newbury and Hobbes
review 1: A decidedly average book. The writing was lacking, and although I rarely complain about it there was a great deal of telling rather than showing, as we are always told exactly what everyone thinks to a situation or person and never left to develop our own impressions, which also tends to slow things down. The characters themselves are rather unremarkable, which is to say the have a lot less depth than I remember from the first book (although I read that a long time ago and my memory is a bit vague). The 'mystery' is plain, the pacing messy, and overall the book has several cliches which were unnecessary.However, all that aside, it's fairly easy reading and not a bad way to idly pass the time. My trouble is that I'm rather neutral about the whole book. I realise it has its ... morefaults, but I don't hate it, and something clearly kept me reading to the end. So I wouldn't recommend it, but I don't condemn it either. I shan't be reading any subsequent books though.
review 2: This Book was better than the first one for different reasons. First, the Main reason for me was that I knew the characters. Second, the pacing was better from the beginning,There was a Lot of action in this story and I really like the series.Nevertheless there was One development which made this nearly a 3 star rating: i really enjoyed the banter between Sir Maurice and Veronica in the first Book but in this Book this banter iS lacking. We Even have to get to shortly After the first half of the Book to really experience some scenes with both of them togetherAll in all I liked this Book and I will continue this series .... It is worth reading less
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A very enjoyable read not as engaging as his first but didnt put me off buying number three
3.5 It's slow the first half of the book, but it gets better later.
A good Yarn. Still interested in the series but not bowled over.
Set in Victorian England, weird twist and turns
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