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Il Marchio Del Diavolo (2011)

by Glenn Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
8842916722 (ISBN13: 9788842916727)
review 1: This is a great book! Think 'DaVinci Code' - but well-written, with interesting characters, great dialogue, and plotting that is tight and believable. And best of all - no awkward romance shoe-horned in!Bringing together such disparate threads as Emperor Nero, Christopher Marlow, the Catholic Church, archeology, and astrology, Glenn Cooper weaves a story that draws you in and drags you along. For me, this was very much a 'can't put it down' read. I will be eagerly tracking down other books by Mr. Cooper and recommending this to everyone I know.
review 2: It wasn’t the first time I read a novel by this author and it was once again an amazing read. He’s just Dan Brown’s best pupil. The story is built around the Saint Malaki’s prophecy: “112 Popes are go
... moreing to be elected in the Vatican, then the end of Rome and Satan will rise” and on the “Doctor Faust” opera by C. Marlowe, in which the protagonist Doctor Faust sells his soul to the Devil and goes to hell… . The facts take place in Rome, in the 2000s when an international group of criminals – whose bodies has a particular detail: the tail – works to kill the favorite Cardinal during the Conclave and to replace him with another “tailed” Cardinal. Their plan fails, because a brave nun discovers on her skin their plot…, but the ending lines of the story unveil you it’s not a happy ending at all! However, our current Pope Francis really is the 112th Pope: what is going to happen when he dies? Saint Malaki really existed and his prophecy is reality. less
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Nearly almost as good as my very very very favourite brilliant author : DAN BROWN.
Terrible, totally disappointing
Un misto di Dan Brown
a page-turner...
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