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Objects Of My Affection (2012)

by Jill Smolinski(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 3
1451660758 (ISBN13: 9781451660753)
review 1: This book is fine for a light read. In fact, it's probably a great beach read. I was never supremely interested or moved, but neither was I ever supremely annoyed. Lucy Bloom has lost just about everything. She has no job, no boyfriend, and no place to live. After selling her house to pay for her son's stint in drug rehab, she lands a job clearing clutter from the home of a famous-artist-turned-reclusive-hoarder. The seemingly impossible task is made all the harder by the artist, Marva, an opinionated, anti-social, and maddeningly stubborn woman in her 60s. On the other hand, Lucy's job is made so much easier by the hunky Niko, leader of the crew hired to haul truckloads of treasures and trash out of Marva's home. Add to this mix her former boyfriend, Daniel; drug addicted... more son, Ash; and a few other minor characters and Lucy is well situated for a tough road to figuring out where she went wrong in her life -- and it's definitely not where she thought!The characters are too stereotyped to provide many surprises. I did find the character of Marva to be interesting. Lucy, too, is written with some depth and certainly undergoes a transformation over the course of the story. I got the feeling that Jill Smolinski was trying to write a quirky, funny story that takes a serious look at co-dependency and the difficulties of family. There are some mildly amusing parts -- nothing laugh-out-loud funny. She actually does a good job examining family dynamics and there's a ring of truth to Lucy's struggle to protect and help her son.
review 2: If you want a generic version of how women see things, here it is! The story has a good plot, but the main character is your classic, naive, single mother that has no clue what men are thinking. She has no clue that a wonderful man loves her. Or that her son has no respect for her and uses her. She also gets offended if anyone tries to say anything to her about her drug addicted son. She lives with a friend and her family but never talks about how difficult it must be to share her home. It's all about what a perfect family her friend has. It takes selling her car to realize things could be different. And from this point on it's happy times ahead, because it works that way I guess. I just wanted to slap her. less
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Almost gave up on this but turned out to be an interesting story. No prizewinner, but good!
Loved this on audiobook! Highly recommend to my PageTurners!!
Fun and enjoyable! I enjoy her writing style!
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