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Redshirts (2012)

by John Scalzi(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0765316994 (ISBN13: 9780765316998)
Tor Books
review 1: This was fantastic. From the very get-go, it moved with energy, wit, and fairly sizzled. The dialogue was great, and he nails every single quirk and idiosyncrasy of the original Star Trek series, as well as several others from various sci-fi shows. This was just completely enjoyable. The Codas at the end were a bit of a surprise, but I felt very well done. If you've ever found sci-fi entertaining even once, or are a die-hard Trekkie, you should read this.
review 2: Redshirts is ridiculously good. You don't necessarily need a vast knowledge of sci-fi, or what it means to be a "redshirt" and its mythology, to enjoy this well-written, hilarious, and even poignant story. But I'm still going to recommend reading a bunch of sci-fi and getting familiar with the "red
... moreshirts" joke, because that should be a goal for life, not just for this. Then, you'll be able to enjoy all the little allusions and inside jokes, and it's a much richer experience. less
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I was really upset by the expletives in this book. Star Trek NEVER had cursing!
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