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Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (2014)

by Kym Grosso(Favorite Author)
4.51 of 5 Votes: 4
1497312442 (ISBN13: 9781497312449)
MT Carvin Publishing
Immortals of New Orleans
review 1: The books in this series just get better and better. Leopold’s love interest is Laryssa, a rare supernatural. Due to the fact that there are ‘dark forces’ watching her, she hides her true identity from everyone except her friend Avery because her life, quite literally, depends on her not being found. The story starts where the last book finished, with Leopold rescuing a wolf pup while searching for Wynter’s frozen blood in Yellowstone Park. He takes the pup back to New Orleans and asks Logan and Wynter to care for her. He returns to Wyoming, where he had left Dimitri, and together they visit Hunter, the alpha of the Wyoming Pack. After a little set-to between Hunter and Leopold, Hunter tells them that the pup is called Ava, that her mother died in childbirth ... moreand her father had fled the pack. He tells them that Ava is ‘special’ and is more than just a wolf but he doesn’t know what, and he also reveals that Ava can somehow make things move with her mind and that there is evil stalking her. Leopold and his new best friend Dimitri return to New Orleans where they start looking for answers. Kade, Sydney, Luca and Samantha (characters from the previous books) meet at Logan and Wynter’s home where they set up a rota for protecting Ava against the unknown evil. It is during a fact finding visit to Leopold’s favourite club that a chance meeting between him and Laryssa occurs. While he and Dimitri are meeting with the club’s owner, an incident occurs between Laryssa and a huge vampire who’s drunk and gets heavy handed with her, Laryssa uses her telekinesis to grab a knife to defend herself and then quickly makes her escape. A check of the club’s CCTV reveals what Laryssa did which puts her and Leopold on a collision course.The burgeoning romance between Laryssa and Leopold is full of angst because they are both afraid to reveal their true selves to each other and are afraid to love each other. Leopold, because he doesn’t want to be the cause of anyone else’s death (like his wife and children from his human life), and Laryssa because she is being stalked by evil and doesn’t want anyone to get caught up in the danger. Because of the importance of keeping Laryssa safe, Leopold insists that she stay with him. On her first night there whilst walking to the lake, a demon appears and tells her that her soul was stolen from him when she was a child and that he is her master. As her master, he tasks her with finding and returning an ancient Aztec relic to him. He tells her that the relic will allow him to cross over to the human realm and that she only has one week to do it. Failure will result in him taking Ava.It was good that some of the characters from the previous books turn up in this one and reading about them again makes me want to re-read the books. As with the previous books, there is a cliff hanger with Dimitri which I’m glad about as it means that the next book will see him finding his mate…. at least I hope it does.
review 2: Very hot vampires and werewolves are tearing it up in New Orleans! Leopold is one hot, ancient, and powerful and perennially angry vampire, but he’s no match for the quiet, beautiful and enigmatic Laryssa. In a town at ease with its somewhat less than human population, Laryssa has a secret to hide, a secret Leopold very much wants to uncover. As do many others. This story is well written, fast-paced and hot! And it’s nice to know the vamps and the weres can get along when they have to.Well done. A complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review. less
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Another amazing read in this series!!! Honestly I can't wait to read the next book.
I absolutely love Leopold!
Review to come 5/3/14
another great series
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