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Red Blooded Murder (2009)

by Laura Caldwell(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
0778326586 (ISBN13: 9780778326588)
Izzy McNeil Mystery
review 1: I loved this book! Kept me turning the pages so much I hated when I had to put it down to make dinner or whatever. I "discovered" Izzy McNeil with "Claim of Innocence" and then read "Question of Trust," so now I'm back-tracking and reading all the previous books. So far the only book that's been less than 5-stars for me has been Question of Trust (for some reason's Theo's problem wasn't as suspenseful as the mysteries in the other books, but it was still good--I loved the last page, so poignant). And maybe that's why I'm so hooked on these books. They make me "feel" for the characters. I think it's the characters, just as much or maybe even more so than the mystery, that makes the books so enjoyable to read. The characters in this series feel realistic and I love the evolv... moreing relationships between them. And I love how in each book we learn something new about them or something that's changing in their lives, just like with real people. I only have one more Izzy book to go then I'm out. I'm going to be a little sad when that happens because I haven't yet heard of any new Izzy books on the horizon. I hope there will be more books because I really look forward to reading them.
review 2: really, really having trouble with this book. Not sure why I haven't given up, especially with the knowledge from reading the book synopsis previews that I know the main character's outcome in this book, (not to be confused with the identity of the murderer in this book) and I'm not happy or pleased with that outcome. Read a few pages, was not happy, intrigued or engaged, and gave up until today. I am now engaged in the murder mystery. I am still not pleased with the development of the main character, Izzy McNeil. I still am amazed that she can be hurt by her former fiancées "not trusting or confiding in her" when in this book, she is keeping secrets from him - the exact same thing she is upset with him about, a result of events in the first book. What is this? Why is it okay for her to keep secrets, but not him? This leads me to believe there is something flawed or so self-centered in her character, that I can't allow me to connect with her.I am not perfect by any means, and not that altruistic that I think I am better than this character. However, I think I would be more empathetic and sympathetic to others than she seems to be.Will soldier on at this point, as I want to see "who dun it". But what started out as a promising series in the beginning of the first book, disappointed me at the end and does not seem to redeem itself's in the second book. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After all that it was okay. Probably being generous here, but I did enjoy the mystery, even though the heroine drives me nuts at times. less
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I really like this character! Will be sad when I finish the last in the trilogy :(
Much better than first book.
fun read
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