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Murder At Mansfield Park (2010)

by Lynn Shepherd(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 4
0312638345 (ISBN13: 9780312638344)
St. Martin's Griffin
Charles Maddox
review 1: What a twist on the original Mansfield Park! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cast was all present and accounted for, but their flaws and story line all switched places. After reading the original it was interesting to see how Fanny Price's and Maria Bertram's personality foibles were opposite what they were in the original Jane Austen work. I liked the flavor of the new plot as well. The introduction of murder and Mr. Maddox added a special spice to the mix. Henry Crawford's true colors were left hidden with glimpses of possible misconduct showing through.
review 2: I decided to at least try this book. I just couldn't get into it. It wasn't my cup t tea. I did pick it up after the whole hoopla around this author's rant of JK Rowling writing adult books after s
... morehe had had so much success in children's. Instead of not taking a whack at it and just saying it was horrible without reading it because of this author's blog (Google "Lynn Shepherd" and "JK Rowling"), I decided to give her a fair shot. By all means, she isn't a bad writer, but she isn't great. This just wasn't my type of book and, in reading it, I feel that she is trying to be someone she is not, if that makes sense. It all seemed a bit forced. Maybe it was just me. less
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Started poorly. A tedious read up until about page 160 then it got interesting.
Fanny was a bit goody two-shoes, this Fanny is much better!
Meh. Found it difficult to get into and couldn't finish it
This was entertaining, but not really that interesting.
An thrilling re-shuffle of the story
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