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Tell My Sons: A Father's Last Letters (2013)

by Mark M. Weber(Favorite Author)
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0345549449 (ISBN13: 9780345549440)
Ballantine Books
review 1: A+; A WONDERFUL read, even better as an audio book. The author narrates the audio version and gives so much more to the story through the raw emotion in his voice. Mark is a Minnesota military man who shares the story of his life as he deals with terminal cancer. The father of 3 young boys, he wrote the book for them. Throughout the book, Mark shares his memories of childhood and the good, bad and ugly from her personal life and medical treatment. While I don't share the military connection, I could relate to how he used humor and faith during the journey. Mark passed away in June 2013, but his story will inspire lives for years. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has walked the cancer path, or any obstacle in their lives.
review 2: In a nutshell, this
... morebook is about a father and also a member of a military learned he was dying of cancer, so he decided to write a sort of memoir for his children. Throughout the book you never lose the somber that he doesn't have much time, but you can also capture his moments of pride, joy, and anger. Couple with the fact that he also makes you laugh. i enjoyed experiencing all these emotions with the main character. It was like a roller coaster. less
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what a brave man ..a Hero for sure ...mademe cry ..a lot ...
Very moving "real life " battle . Emotional roller coaster.
Very moving, difficult to read, but well worth it.
Simply an amazing book.
A touching memoir.
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