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Beware This Boy (2012)

by Maureen Jennings(Favorite Author)
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0771043139 (ISBN13: 9780771043130)
McClelland & Stewart
Detective Inspector Tom Tyler
review 1: Finished Beware This Boy. It is a good read. The story moves along two lines but the real value of the book, I think, is to see regular people trying to carry on through extraordinary circumstances. In this case, the people of England are living through the WWII blitz. There is courage but the normal trivia of life does not go away. There are still romantics, angry young men, well-meaning families squabbling and making up, companies trying to make money and police trying to keep the bad folks away from the good. I enjoyed reading it right after Charlotte Gray's Massey Murder as it is about a similar situation although a different city in a different war.
review 2: I had never heard of Maureen Jennings before I picked up this book, but apparently she is best kno
... morewn for a series of historical mysteries that have been televised as ‘the Murdoch Mysteries’. I was interested in this book because it was compared to ‘Foyle’s War’, which I love, and because generally anything set during the Second World War is of interest to me. It’s an unusual crime novel. Yes, there is murder, and sabotage, and spies, and skulduggery, but the action is slow and deliberate, and much of the emphasis is on the interior lives of its troubled characters. The action all takes place in in rain, in fog, in bomb shelters, and in munitions’ factories. The atmosphere is gloomy and laden with dread. This is historical crime at its most serious and deliberate, and most effective in its evocation of a terrible time in British history. less
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Really enjoyed this book. Liked the way it was written and kept you wanting to read on.
Second in the Tom Taylor series which take place in wartime England.
Enjoyed this second WWII mystery set in England by M. Jennings.
Very Realistic. Great Story if you like WWII England.
Great read...enjoyed it.
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