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The Kiss Murder (2003)

by Mehmet Murat Somer(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 2
0143114727 (ISBN13: 9780143114727)
Penguin Books
review 1: Turkish thriller writer Mehmet Murat Somer followed his intriguing debut novel "The Prophet Murders" with this second entry into his quirkily titled Hop-Ciki-Yaya thriller series featuring an unnamed catsuit clad amateur detective bent in protecting Istanbul's gay subculture from external attack.The high-kicking Turkish transvestite club manager is drawn into a complex web of deceit following the murder of titular tranny Buse (the Turkish word for kiss) who had previously claimed to have compromising photographs and letters of a now celebrated individual.As with it's predecessor the mystery element of this thriller isn't really up to much and even now the memory of who-actually-dunit has begun to fade but what remains is a fascinating insight into the Turkish fear of the d... moreeep state and a far better intro to the hidden underbelly of Istanbul.The author actually wrote this volume prior to its predecessor but, lacking the highly marketable prophet motive hook, it was unceremoniously relegated to second in publication which is actually to the detriment of the series it so ably introduces and the quirky characters at its heart."Like the proverb goes, pricks or prying..."
review 2: I do wish I could do .5 with Goodreads. I'm a very grey girl in my thinking. And this is definitely more than a 2. . . I read this book as part of my investigation of world mystery writing. Set off by Wallender and the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Interested in world detectives (after all I think it's arguable that Dickens and Wilkie Collins were there at the birth of the detectie). And here we have a Turkish (Instanbul) detective who is computer wiz by day, cross-dresser diva running a club at night. Who wouldn't read at least one.It's always difficult with translations to know what of the clunkiness in the writing was there at the beginning and how much is the translation. There was something very clunky about the prose and plotting of this novel. But the entry into a world I would never have imagined in contemporary Turkey was intriguing. And this is only one book in a fairly extensive series. less
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Cute. Who new there was a tranny mystery subgenre? Not much of a feel for Turkey.
Hilarious & these books are begging for movie treatments--outrageous & phenomenal.
interesting detective story - the detective is a transvestite ---
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