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I'm Dreaming Of An Undead Christmas (2013)

by Molly Harper(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
Audible, Inc.
review 1: This was such a funny story! Gigi is home from college, and her sister, who was just turned into a vampire, has really amped up the decorations and the plans for a great Christmas that would remind her of their childhood. With assistance from Iris' husband and their vampire friends, they have tried to make Gigi happy. What follows is a hilarious and comedic take on vampires and paranormal. This book is part of a series but you read it as a stand alone.
review 2: Another cozy tale by an author I really enjoy. This is a novella set in Half Moon Hollow, Kentucky, where it seems that a large number of residents are supernatural beings (mostly vampires). But the supernatural aspect takes a back seat to the development of family and friend relationships in this mixe
... mored community, and it's all just charming. Humor, romance, and even some pretty good-sounding recipes! Recommended for those needing a pleasant escape. less
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Best part about this book? The holiday recipes at the end. Yum!
Wait, where's the rest of the story? It just... ended...
4/5 (B)
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