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Beauty In The Breakdown (2013)

by Natalie Baird(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 5
Yuppie Bitch Press
Rock Star Romance
review 1: I love rock star books. I loved Jackson as the man he was and could be and then there is Jax the alter ego rock God that can be a jerkwad. This man is charming, smart, and a rockstar. SCORE!Alex really has no idea what she signs up for agreeing to go on tour with this man an his motley band but she soon finds out. The fact that she makes peace with the groupies cracks me up! Who knew?I loved this story and will add it to my read again pile.
review 2: Agh I don't even know where to start. It pulled me in and then bam nothing. I'm really kinda confused about my feelings for this book. It started off good and then dipped a little but came back up and then finally just flat lined. I feel like maybe it just left me unfinished or the book was unfinished. I suppose I
... morewanted more and things just seemed so easy. There was no huge fallout about the Mary thing and the band was always just like yeah whatever even though they hated it. More depth and a better ending then maybe it will or maybe it won't. I need closure. less
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Yeah this was about as believable as 'The Tiger that Came to tea'. Although that was better written.
Loved this...................but where's the next one????????????????
the story has no depth. even the conflict was poorly made.
DNF at 11% the female lead was not my cup of tea.
Loved the story
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