2017 Recap & 2018 Direction

December 2017 Oil Paintings Shown Above

I’m among the artists who work a full-time job and purposefully carve out time to paint. This means saying, “No,” to countless other invitations, activities, pastimes, distractions, others’ expectations and yes, even perceived opportunities to preserve not only the time, but more importantly, my energy to paint from a deep place.

I am usually in a much better state of mind and spirit to handle day-to-day responsibilities when a work of art is in process on my easel. Painting for me is like a lifeline.

With that understanding, I was encouraged when reviewing 2017, and realizing I had completed 139 paintings last year. That averages to 2.67 small works per week.

Five of the 139 were trashed. They didn’t make the cut. Another five were donated to fund-raisers or gifted. And 69 sold.

Moving forward into 2018 I want to stay true to course by reaching deeper and deeper and setting my standards higher and higher. Quoting  Carol Marine in her today’s DPW auction, “I have to paint what I’m excited about or I will wither and die.”

Wishing All the best in making those sometimes very hard choices in 2018 that bring life and joy.


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