A Demon and His Witch – Eve Langlais (Welcome To Hell Series book 1)


A sweet, sexy and funny paranormal romance.

Ysabel literally makes a deal with the Devil, so that she can enact sweet revenge on the ones who betrayed her. Did I mention they burned her at the stake? Yeah, I’d say she deserved her revenge. However, this does mean that she now works for Lucifer and he is a royal pain in the butt. Her contract is almost up when things go a bit wrong and she finds herself paired up with Remy, an infamous man-whore of a demon who both infuriates and entices her, to return the escaped souls (of those she cursed) to Hell’s prison.

I’ve read other books by this author and have always liked her writing style. I really enjoyed this story, its funny and sexy in just the right balance. The characters are great, Ysabel is fierce and sassy – more than enough to keep Remy on his toes. Remy’s sexual banter is funny, for the most part, although there are times where you just think ”Dude, shut up already!” followed by a huge eyeroll. I love this depiction of Lucifer, he’s a lot funnier than a stereotypical Satan character. There are some really sweet moments and I’m more than a little intrigued by Ysabel’s hellcat, Felipe!

If you’re looking for a new romance to read then I highly recommend this.

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