Farmer’s Day Market

Whenever there is something new happening in Kitwe, it’s always worth a look-see, since it’s a seriously dead-beat town. The farmer’s day market last weekend was a nice little outing and proved to be well-supported in spite of the oppressive heat that baked the cricket field where the intrepid stall owners were plying their trades.

The food and beverage scene could have done with a little more variety but we waited fifteen minutes for the single bar lady on duty to bring us our gin and tonics; having confused the order somewhat she gave us double gins and I certainly felt a wonky (super cheap date, I know). The pancake lady sprinkled sugar absentmindedly over our pancakes whilst nattering away to us, then looked down at what she was doing and added another sprinkle of sugar for good measure. Picture myself and Les afterwards unrolling our pancakes and trying to scrape some of the sugar off…

It was a pleasant day for all and I hope it will happen again next year.


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