Known and Unknown: A memoir

Title: Known and Unknown: A Memoir

Author: Donald Rumsfeld

Source: Public Library

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Donald Rumsfeld

Rating: 3.5

Rumsfeld is someone who served most of his adult life in politics.  From his early days of being a congressman to his two terms as Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld is the narrator for this book, and if in his free time he wanted to narrator professionally he has a very pleasant reading voice for dry non-fiction.

This book covers his years under the George W. Bush administration.  He talks about 9-11, Afghanistan, and the war on Iraq.All throughout the book he has an air of mistakes were made but not by me.  He tells how he had proposed a different idea and how they used someone else’s idea.  He does point out however that viewing things through hindsight makes you a little more judgemental because you have more facts that you had during the event.

This book really wasn’t a political book, or really even a full-on military book.  This is more of just a memoir of Rumsfeld’s time under Bush.

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