Peak Break-up Times

For these past few days in this month of March, I’ve listened to so many successful and failed romantic relationships. Interestingly, I recalled an infographic based on a data from Facebook. Apparently, most break-ups happen in March.

A very generic advice coming from an inexperienced nerd (you can ignore this because the data is more important):

Just like gene expression, feelings, whether positive or negative, can be pregulated or downregulated.

Upregulation of feelings occurs when there is high propinquity (i.e. proximity with the person, spending time together) or recent breakup or rejection.

Downregulation of feelings occurs when one diverts focus away from the person into other things like studying, but more importantly, God.

Knowledge of these two can help one achieve metacognition and be more able to control his or her feelings, as each has the innate ability to. Being able to do so would keep one’s mind clear and judgement unclouded.

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