Rd 2 RESULTS: The Gifted vs Tin Star

The Gifted

The Gifted had yet another solid showing this week. To top it all off a lot of story progress was made as well. Polaris was finally saved by the group. We got more action, which the show has been great at, and also a new mutant. A lot to like about this show if you’re an X-Men fan.

Our Grade: 88 (B+)

Fans on twitter gave it an A-



Tin Star

This show is a hot ass mess, but I can not even say if it is a hot mess in a bad way or a good way. These characters are dire and very hate-able, but the story overall has become quite good by episode 4. This was an improvement on episode 2 & 3.

Our Grade: 83 (B-)

Fans on Twitter gave it a B



Match Result: The Gifted Wins!

A tight match up between these two shows, but The Gifted ends up on top.


Group 2

Tin Star & Big Mouth get a chance to get their first win in this group against each other next week.

The Gifted & Ten Days in the Valley will have a show down as well.

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