The Folly Beach Boat

The Folly Beach Boat, on the road between Charleston, South Carolina and Folly island, was deposited at the side of the road by Hurricane Hugo. 

The Folly Beach Boat was my favorite part out there. Every time I passed it somebody had repainted it. They took a horror like Hurricane Hugo and turned it into an icon of hope and good vibes. Anybody could paint anything on it. 

This was one of her final liveries. And Irma swept her away. She ran into a dock and the owner of the dock tied her up so she won’t get away.  I don’t know what it painted upon her now.  In many way it isn’t consequential.  She was in many ways a billboard who was as important as the thousands of messages she conveyed. 

I also don’t know whether she should be returned to where she was previously or whether she should be set adrift, free to go wherever she is pushed. Either action would have emotional significance. 

It’s the horror and beauty of nature. And a an icon of the human spirit. If I don’t ever see her again, I will have those memories of my time spent in Charleston. Of the wonderful people in that area. 

People who would take a beached boat – a small, simple beached boat – and use her to send messages to anyone who may pass. She may return as a static display – but remaining fluid at the same time. 

Or, perhaps sending a message to wherever she may land. Either way, I hope to see her again someday.  With a new message.

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