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Fire Seekers, The (2014)

by Richard Farr(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
1491541407 (ISBN13: 9781491541401)
Brilliance Audio
The Babel Trilogy
review 1: Uh, yeah. Some decent writing and imagery, but huh???I didn't get it. Didn't understand the ending. Basically the story is like davinci code but with a kid, uncovering a global conspiracy on some kind of ancient religion. Apparently chanting unlocks religious thermonuclear weaponry. I had no idea what point the author was trying to make except he'd done a bunch of research and spewed it out into a story. Two stars only because it held my interest.
review 2: Such an odd book.....starts out like an angst-ridden YA novel about a privileged smart kid whose parents don't love him enough.....then turns into a Robert Langdon-styled adventure that has a few more loose ends than I can confidently put together in one place. Not sure how I feel about it? But the pacing
... morebetween the first half of the book and the second half is so dramatically different that it really felt like 2 different books. less
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First 315 pages are full of sharp, young adult writing. Don't read the last chapter.
YA adventure story with notes of Artemis Fowle. Fun to read, not high literature.
I wanted to like this book but in the end. I could not finish it.
I absolutely positively hated the ending
fast paced
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