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The Way Of The World: A Story Of Truth And Hope In An Age Of Extremism (2008)

by Ron Suskind(Favorite Author)
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1847371175 (ISBN13: 9781847371171)
Simon and Schuster Ltd.
review 1: This is my copy of the book. Bought at the library book sale. I wanted to read The Way of the World because I had read Suskind's Hope in the Unseen and enjoyed it. This is not my typical read, nor is it his typical write. Overall, it is a great book. Suskind writes well and leaves the garbage out, even where it would fit. I appreciate his style. The subject, while it is good to pull one's head out of the sand on occasion in order to know what is actually happening in American politics (federal), is a difficult one. I read much of the book aloud (to myself) and in short portions, in order to get the sense of it. Some sections are much easier than others. Suskind's use of different characters, at different places globally, yet connected to the big picture, is commen... moredable. I'm not sure he could have made his point otherwise.I really liked the cultural aspects of the book, I mean I learned from them, something I can take with me. I didn't like what I learned about the Bush administration and the War in Iraq. Much of the goings on in the intelligence community was not new to me. Meaning I have read similar accounts in fictional books. Seriously!I kept wondering where the book would end (I do that). I'll leave that one hanging… Be sure to read the acknowledgments at the end of the book, particularly about his research assistant.If you like to know what's going on from different perspectives, historically (although I imagine much of the way of the world has not changed since 2008 when this was written), you will enjoy this book. I would recommend any thing by Suskind.
review 2: An interesting narrative about how America has lost its moral high ground. So true. Mr Suskind illustrates how and what we have lost by telling stories; the stories of people confronted with making moral choices affecting America in large and small ways.He builds compelling arguments on two points. First,telling the truth is powerful force for good. Second, we are all in this together today, in ways that were not imaginable before mass communications and technology empowered individuals to deliver messages on a global scale. less
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Brilliant synopsis of Bush's calamitous 'foreign policy" and it's effect on everyday people.
Halfway through it and I just can't imagine another 8 hours of this. Snoozefest.
Really got me thinking about our post-9/11 world.
good. Interesting perspectives.
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