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A Disobedient Girl (2009)

by Ru Freeman(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
1439101957 (ISBN13: 9781439101957)
Atria Books
review 1: A wonderfully written book set in Sri Lanka about two girls and their desire to live life on their own terms and to follow their heart. The two stories run parallel and the chapters alternate between Latha and Biso's stories. It clearly defines the struggle of class issues and how the how one's life is shaped by society and culture, no matter how strong one tries to be. This coming of age book is a fascinating read about these lives against a backdrop of political struggles going on at that time. Ru Freeman makes you feel what the character is feeling and I truly felt that I was alongside these characters such as Ajitha and Grehan and everyone who are trying to better their lives and follow their hearts. An absolutely amazing read!!!
review 2: I had mixed feel
... moreings about this book. It didn't start auspiciously - lately I feel like I have read too many books with dual plot lines that weave in and out between chapters, which is precisely what this book does and what I really personally don't have patience for. Obviously the plots and characters are intertwined in some way, and I spent the whole book waiting for that moment, which came right at the very end, although there were some hints along the way. I started really enjoying the book a quarter of the way in, because I really liked Latha, the younger/later protagonist. (She's got a lot of guts, that girl.) The story of Biso, on the other hand, dragged on for an eternity. The ending was disappointing too; it felt like the author had wasted so much time trying to convince everyone what a fantastic mother Biso is, and how courageous she is for escaping an abusive marriage... but then all of the sudden she gives away her last child and kills herself. I guess that was her last straw, but it just felt incongruous. I became impatient with the book again about two-thirds of the way in because it felt like being on Biso's train... neverending and slightly tedious. I wish that Latha spent less of her energy on her men; and I wish that Mr. Vithanage had played a bigger role in the book. His story would have thrown an interesting twist into the mix, but I see how there might not have been space for him. (And maybe I'm an ignorant sod, but whatever happened to the idea of contraception?!) Overall, I'm torn between giving this book an "it was ok" and "I liked it" rating, so I erred on the side of positivity and gave it three stars, though I'm still not too sure I could really say I liked this book. It is a well written book and well thought out - absolutely no objections on that front. As always, it's the plot that makes me go, "hmmm..." *hand wiggle*, but that's just me being nit-picky. Definitely read this if you are so inclined! less
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I'm not sure why, but this book just didn't hold my attention and I finally gave up on it.
Slow start but picks up half way through the book....
Enjoyable and unusual. :-)
A 3.5
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