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All The Sky (2014)

by Susan Fanetti(Favorite Author)
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Susan Fanetti
Signal Bend
review 1: I read the very first book of this series. This book is the fifth.If you're a Sons of Anarchy fan, you'll probably like it. This is an outlaw MC. I really liked these characters. This story is "the bad boy conforms for the love of a good woman" trope. The story is fast paced. Lots happens. And I especially loved the characters. When I read the Amazon sample prior to purchase, it was the relationship between the heroine and her son that sold me. The story didn't disappoint me.The Robin Hood nature of the club, the fact that most if not all of the members grew up in the little town, challenge believability. Plus the fact that these guys--the heroes of the books--are criminals who kill. I think that's why I didn't read the other books of the series. This blurb attracted me, ... moreand I liked the story. I'll probably read the one that follows this one.Readers beware--this has explicit sex scenes. Not for anyone who doesn't regularly read such.
review 2: Well, I definitely enjoyed the first book better than the rest in the series. I guess I enjoy badass chicks a lot more than regular women - and Isaac is the only true Alpha in this series.The stories are great, but the other characters I don't like as much. For example, in this one, the heroine alternated between being a ditzy loser with being a raving lunatic with her rages. And the hero? Basically a rabid animal in the shape of a man - at least he eventually is tamed. But it reminded me a lot of the documentaries I saw about mistreated dogs that are being socialised again - they are aggressive and they lash out at random people.Still, Susan Fanetti has a great writing style - probably the best in the biker series I've read so far (even better than Kristen Ashley, because she tends to be stuck in the same character-type). less
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Not quite 4 stars... 3.75 I think.Isaac and Lilli are still my favourite couple.
Series review to follow after I read the last book :)
My thoughts to follow.... Once back from my hols....
4.5 stars
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