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One Dance With A Duke - Romansa Waltz Tengah Malam (2012)

by Tessa Dare(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
Gagas Media
Stud Club
review 1: I loved this book. Not since Kiss Me Annabel has there been such a loveable, plump, female character. Amelia D'Orsay likes food. While at a ball, ordinary 26 year old Amelia is inventing delectable recipes in her head, while the other young ladies await the Duke of Midnight. Amelia thinks it's funny that every one is ga-ga waiting for the duke to come in at 12 o'clock and pick one girl to dance with before he exits. Before the Duke of Morland arrives, Amelia's brother Jack tries to get money from her. Ever since her brother Hugh's death, Jack has been on a path of self destruction. He currently owes the Duke of Morland and has to leave the ball before his arrival. Morland's attempted selection of a young woman is abruptly squashed by an angered Amelia to the astonishme... morent of the crowd. When they dance her normal, happy personality returns and she makes the most of the moment laughing that she will never dance with a man as handsome as Spencer- Duke of Morland. An unlikely romance follows with mystery, mayhem and the Stud Club - rights to a champion horse, and Amelia's amazement over how unlikeable Morland is. She forces herself into a visit with an old friend and unfortuate news that Moreland and other stub club members want to deliver. Thus she is comprimised. Dare creates imperfect characters with depth by revealing past events and secrets that make a reader care despite those flaws. Although Jeremy, one member of the stud club still is annoying and I wonder how Dare can possibly make him likeable. Morland also takes a while to warm up to, but funny events like his carnal thoughts about Amelia during a carriage give him appeal. This is the first book in a trilogy and I can't wait to finish the series.
review 2: Oh how I love the Regency era, to meet a man, you enter marriage and voila!I've said it over and over, and I'll say it again, Ms. Tessa Dare is a gem! Her way of writing always mesmerize me...although I have to admit, having read the Spindle Cove series ( with gusto ) before the Stud Club series Im' a bit underwhelmed... One Dance with a Duke is the first of the trilogy, as always, it has to create a solid story line for the next two books, it is about Amelia and this so called "Duke of Midnight". I like the fact that our girl, Amelia is not a doe eyed debutante but a spinster in the making when she decided to step it up by asserting herself to have "one dance with the Duke" and how they've come so far from that dance! Filled with intense chemistry (when "opposites" attract ), friendship, family and love, what's not to love about this book? Looking forward to finishing the entire series! less
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It was really interesting at first and then it just went downhill. In my opinion it was too boring.
Good book, much like most of Dare's writing. Would definitely recommend.
enjoyed it
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