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Little Black Lies (2009)

by Tish Cohen(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
1606840339 (ISBN13: 9781606840337)
review 1: I was really disappointed in this book. The summary got me excited and I honestly did like Sara in this book. But I felt the majority of the book was just dragging on. Sara is in a new school, and yeah her dad's the janitor and she lies to help climb up the social ladder. The lies she told were white lies that eventually came out and because of them it got her involved in some serious sticky situation at school. However, I honestly didn't feel the author executed in the actually book, what the summary was about. The supporting characters were extremely difficult for me to find relevant and her "nemesis" didn't really help Sara grow, it made just take a huge step back. Then their were situations that the author brought in Sara's background that should have enhanced the sto... morery and made more personal. But I felt it was really unnecessary and was just thrown in the book, and didn't really help me connect with Sara or any of the some what likable characters. Overall,this could have been a great book, but it fell flat, and I recommend you tread carefully.
review 2: This book 'Little Black Lies' has one main character and her name is Sara. Now i am going to tell you a little aboout her she is a girl that likes to hang out with her friends and have fun she has a boyfriend but the problem is that one of her friend likes her boyfriend. But also when she gets home she starts thinking stuff over she like could see whats going to happen the next day her friend London is always with her Sara has a sense of humor she is very unique way of being. So far this book is good i really recommend this book to others because they will have an adventure well for those who like mistery this is the book you should be reading. less
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Really good, but kind of predicted ending
better than expected
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