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Mala Ike (2000)

by Van Heerling(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Malaika. Moving storyVan HeerlingI had heard so much about this short story that I just had read it and see what all the fuss was about.Set in Kenya it certainly tugged at the heart strings, and was an awesome story. This is a story of a man from America who went to Africa to find the simple things in life.I had read that the story has made some people cry, but I am a man so crying is not for me so why then was I sobbing like a baby towards the end of this story.5 stars. 19 August 2013.
review 2: Congratulations to the author for writing a decent story about a positive lioness and man relationship!Okay... When I first started reading this book, three things came to mind:1) I love anything related to lions so I'll love this book.2) I like the
... moreway this author writes so I'll like this book.3) I love anything related to lions so I'll love this book! ;)As I progressed through this book I instantly grew curious as to how the relationship between the man and the lioness would progress and what obstacles would present themselves (there's always obstacles, right?!). To make a long story short, the author had me sold on every interaction between the two prime characters and the initial disapproval of outside observers (from both sides) only seemed logical. That particular element sat well with me and made this novel seem to have a very realistic vibe to it. I began thinking to myself, "Okay, so there won't be any Disney musicals appearing in this novel anytime soon... Awesome! In fact, someone just might get hurt or die it's so realistic!" With that realization... I braced myself for the worst to come.*I don't want to spoil the story for anyone reading this review that hasn't read it so I won't mention any specifics.*The two things I didn't like about the story were:1) The method through which the man and lion were able to actually speak with each other.2) The last appearance the lioness had with the man.Lets just say that BOTH of these (tho very sweet) were a bit too "Disney" for me. I mean C'mon... How am I supposed to look another grown man in the eyes and recommend this book, Van Heerling?! I am sure that plenty of people did love it and even shed tears of satisfaction but for a grown man realist like myself... I'd rather be spared such nonsense! Anyhow, this didn't completely mess up the story for me so I won't go on anymore about it. All-in-all this was a decent book and I don't feel like it was a waste of my time. Though I wouldn't go out of my way recommending it to any guys I know... I may whisper approval to a female or two. Oh and I won't delete it from my Kindle's carousel either. Read and enjoy! I felt this book deserved 3.5 stars. less
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Simply loved the book!!! I couldn't stop reading it and simply loved it!! =)
I won't soon forget this one. A very moving story.
Very short but a beautiful, touching story.
Interesting. I wonder how likely...
It was good.
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